The HAT Foundation is a registered charity in the UK with the registration number:1131476

The HAT Foundation was established in 2005 by Cavan Sullivan, his wife Debra  and daughter Aimee in response to the terrible tragedy of the South East Asian Tsunami which hit many places including Sri Lanka on 26 December 2004.

The HAT foundation was established to directly help these impoverished Tsunami victims through reconstruction projects, supporting educational establishments and individual families.

In this short time, with your help we have:

  • Built and furnished a house for the Lounaris family.
  • Paid for prescribed drugs for a seriously ill lad.
  • Sponsored children to learn English.
  • Purchased and distributed many food packages
  • Purchased and distributed approx 1000 pairs of school shoes and socks.
  • Bought school packs including uniforms and shoes.
  • Financially supported families for their daily survival
  • Built toilets, Well and Cess pit for Horigampita School.
  • Refurbished toilets, steps and other building works at Majuwana School.
  • Helped children of Udmulla Village.

Most of our works centres around the education of children.

We have recently registerd as a charitable trust, which enables us to claim back “gift aid” from the Government. This should allow us to meet our primary goal of using 100% of all donations received , directly on the projects, all expenses being paid from the “gift aid”. All the new trustees of the charity and friends are giving their time and  materials free of charge, and it is anticipated that we will be able to help more schools and families in future years.