Latest Project support for grade 1 pupils

Following the success of the HAT Foundation Charity Ball in October, enough funds were raised to embark on the next phase of supporting orphans and children in the poorer parts of Sri Lanka.

HAT Foundation supports schools in Sri Lanka Announcing the next phase of support

Starting at Horigampita school, which is a school we have been working with for quite some time, we haveĀ  agreed to buy all grade 1 children a complete school pack.
You can see what impact this will have on the school from the large banner we had made promoting the school. In the Sri Lankan education system success brings rewards from the government in extra funding. By using such incentives and making this school an attractive place to come and study we are helping to secure the long term future for this school and the children who go there.

All all other students in this school will receive a pair of shoes – a traditional HAT Foundation gift incentive.

Thanks to a donation from the Barry Rotary Club we have also secured a contract for the mains water to be fitted in this school at last.

Imagine running a school without an adequate water supply. Many of the schools in this part of Sri Lanka depend upon old, dilapidated wells – hardly sanitary for children