Battling the elements for H.A.T.

The plan was to hike 50 miles across the Brecon Beacons for charity as part of the Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) “Taith Torfaen” event at the end of March 13 … but the “great British weather” had other ideas!

Raising money for the HAT foundation

Having seen record high temperatures in South Wales on the corresponding weekend the year previous, Tracey Lawrence and Gareth (AKA Flyn or Huw) James were gutted to wake up to snow and freezing temperatures; the conditions were difficult at the lower levels of the course (see picture above) but climbs such as “The Blorenge” were treacherous with typical temperatures of -9 degrees and thigh-deep snow.


12 hours and 27 miles into the challenge as darkness descended and temperatures fell further the LDWA Group Secretary and walk leader, David Morgan, had no option but to call off the event; the bottom line was that the risk of injury was just too great. Naturally, everyone was disappointed. However, all agreed that 27 miles in such conditions was far harder than any 50 miler on a good day!


On a positive note, Tracey and Gareth raised a massive £2400 for the HAT FOUNDATION. Special thanks have to go to those who made it possible either through their support on the day or help with fundraising; fellow hiker and fundraiser,

  • Paul Bidgood;
  •  Nia Lawrence for fundraising and donations;
  • events secretary Gwyn Matthews,
  • Rosemary Jackson,
  • John Tinelli,
  • Matt Humphries,
  • Steve Lawrence

and the many others who provide support on the day; and to everyone who gave so generously, in particular:

  • Associated British Ports,
  • AB Car Sales Ltd,Barry
  • Pinit Building & Civil Engineering Ltd, Barry.

Your donations will make a huge impact on the lives of those less fortunate than us – watch this space for further updates on how your money was spent. Thank you to all.