Name of School Lelwala
Most Recent Date Visited February 2010
School Info When we first visited this school they were only interested in the classroom. But as the toilets were in a terrible state and the well pump was broken we explained that we wanted to sort this work first before trying to raise the money for the class room. Eventually there agreed. We went back a few times and always the children were actively and happily working on our projects clearing and digging. This project cost £400 and was paid for in memory of Jennifer Jones
Number and age range of pupils 150   70 Boys – 81 girls

11 – 16yrs

Project required Project Information Quotation Status
Pump, refurb toilets

Build wall and steps

To repair the pump and prepare ground for wall and steps. Built small retaining wall approx 65 mtrs long. New pavement approx 40 mtrs Water supplied to toilets and toilet repairs. Supply water to all units. £400 Completed Feb 2010 (sponsored in memory of Jennifer Jones, Barry)
New Classroom required (6m x 4m) Using a temporary shelter for teaching and require a new class/science room.  Price includes all furniture and possibly some teaching supplies. £4000 To be sponsored
New path required (75m x 750mm) Path to front of building in poor condition (cost is low as labour carried out by parents) £75 To be sponsored
Wire grill to windows Some classes have no grills so school is open to others at all times.

Grills needed for security reasons.

£160 To be sponsored
Books/library If we purchase books we insist that a library system is applied so children can take books home £100 – £400 To be sponsored