Ganegama North

Name of School

Ganegama North Headmaster –

Kap Gunawardne

Most recent Date Visited Feb 2010
Other School Info
Number of pupils Total Students  71
Age Range Age 5- 18
Project required Project Information Quotation Status
Fence and gate Front of school is open to road with a thin hedge. They want to enclose and put new gates.

Reasons to keep animals out, to stop people wandering into school grounds.

To keep children safely away from road.

£650 To be sponsored
New books/Library If we purchase books we insist that a library system is applied so children can take books home. £100-400 To be sponsored
New uniform Girls – dresses / boys – shorts and shirts £285 To be sponsored
New shoes and socks Girls white / boys black trainers £350 To be sponsored
New school bag Black ruck sack with HAT logo £140 To be sponsored
New School bag with Book / pens / pencil sets Black Ruck sack with Hat Logo. Exercise books, pens, ruler mathematical set etc. £385 To be sponsored
Alternative to above is to  buy just a set amount of items per school. Attendance by some students is poor and this obviously shows in their results.  This rewards those who study hard and those that attend school regularly. It does not discriminate and simply makes children try harder or attend school more often.

Uniform, Shoes,Rucksack, Books etc

35 complete school sets as above



To be sponsored