Baranasuriya Orphanage

February 2011
We visited this lovely orphanage again this year and a new housekeeper had just arrived for the boys with no idea what to do! Many of the older boys had left with some younger ones to replace them. We explained to the new housekeeper that we help most years as asked the boys what they would like. They all asked for new shirts. The girls thought it would be great to buy them football kits, so we used our tried and trusted method for measurements by lining them up from big to small to judge sizes – foolproof!

The girls left straight for Galle to the shops, with their personal shopper, Nimal the Tuk-Tuk driver in tow and bought new kit and flip flops. Sadly on our return to present the 15 rucksack sets with books and football kits there were 2 new additions to the orphanage, so back off to Galle for another 2 kits! It was fantastic to see the boys again, they are such a joy!

Name of School Baranasuriya Orphanage
Most recent Date Visited February 2010
School Info 2007 – Visited and fitted new pump for  water.

Supplied shoes several times.

Nov 09 – Refused permission to take children to Christmas party.

Nov 2009 Bought all children new underwear, vests and shirts

Feb 10 – Shower roof broken – supplied and fitted 2 new roof sheets .

Supplied new radio Feb 2010 met with commissioner at galle twice and fand received written permission to take children to party at Sunil Beach.

All children then presented with school bags and books.

Number and age range of pupils 12 boys age 6-16
Project required Project Information Quotation Status
Shoes and clothes Took sizes and a photo to judge clothes size

Bought shoes, t-shirts, vests x 2 and under wear

£5 shoes

£4 clothes

Completed Nov 09
Shower roof repair Supplied and fitted 2 new roof sheets £20 Completed Feb 10
Table repair New formica tops required Completed by others
New Pavement and toilet shower repairs The pavement around the toilets are in a very poor condition. These need to be re-concreted. Minor repairs to toilets and showers £240.00 To be sponsored
Drainage Dig and extend drainage approx 15mtrs £45 To be sponsored
New Well Orphanage has asked for new well in addition to existing. Would need to check if this would benefit as only 30 mtrs from existing well.

**Would have someone advise if sponsor found. New pump would also be required.**

£550** To be sponsored
New uniform boys – shorts and shirts £40 To be sponsored
New shoes and socks boys black trainers £60 To be sponsored
New school bag Black ruck sack with HAT logo £24 To be sponsored
New School bag with Book / pens / pencil sets Black Ruck sack with Hat Logo. Exercise books, pens, ruler mathematical set etc. £66 To be sponsored
Complete set as above Shoes, uniform ,Rucksack and Books complete school sets as above



To be sponsored
Clothes for normal wear Shirts vests etc £72 To be sponsored