Child Sponsorship

To sponsor a child it only costs £6 per month. This could pay for food for daily survival, books shoes and pens, extra english lessons or transport to a school / university all depending on what you want and the age of the child. Also depending on the age of the child you sponsor you have the option to receive and send letters to on a regular basis. This can be so rewarding to receive this communication and to see how you can personally change a child’s life.

To make a one off donation of only £6 you can provide a child with in many cases their first pair of shoes and socks.

£22 will buy an education pack consisting of a bag, uniform, socks, shoes, pens and books for a child.

£50 provides clothes and mattresses for a family (majority of families will never be able to afford a mattress).

Just £120 pipes fresh water into a home for life.

If you would like to sponsor a child or family please contact Aimee Sullivan on