Udumulla Village

February 2011

Water installation to 46 homes completed

A new concreted outside shower base for the Lounaris family was installed.

Mark and Kate painted the bedroom in one of the village houses and provided paint for the rest of the house and also paint to complete a second home. Another visit to the village only a few days later showed that both home-owners had completely painted their homes both inside and out and the difference was plain to see!

We received many new requests for water, which will be looked at next time, and also requests for many other things including building a new house which we will be unable to carry out.

Previous village based projects completed

We bought school shoes for all the children and also provided them with toothpaste and toothbrushes to encourage them to brush each time after the many sweets and goodies. One evening, we rounded up ten of the children and arranged to take them out for a “tea party”to the local “House of Rotti” restaurant.

This was, without doubt, the best event of our visit. We turned up at the restaurant and arranged for two “Tuk Tuks” to pick up the children and one adult, from the village.

When the children arrived, they were truly amazing. We could not believe how they looked.

Samina had recently been a flower girl and two other girls had been bridesmaids, so they turned up in their dresses with their hair neatly fastened with bows and looked truly amazing. Every one of the ten children were great, you would never guess that they come from a tiny little village.

We ordered 15 Rottis, 15 fantas, 15 chips and finished off with icecream.

However, as we started the icecream, I took out balloons that I had brought from the UK. You can only imagine the total chaos. It is impossible to describe how exited the children were. Without doubt, our best idea yet. When all the children left in the Tuk Tuk everyone was smiling and happy beyond belief.

I did not find time to look into the possibility of sinking a new well in Udmulla village, but it is still on my list.

By Cavan