Shoes for children

Once again this is a super project and all together we purchased 460 Pairs including two new schools which we had not visited before.

So many children are immensely happy and it averaged out £3.50 for a pair of shoes and socks. This is my favorite project and if possible i would like to buy 500 plus pairs every year

Unfortunately I had a few schools yet to vist and ran out of time however my daughter and Nicola presented shoes in a few schools and made presentation speeches as they stayed a week after we left.

As the toilets and Well projects were unchartered terriotry i had no idea of costs so we still have money left in sri lanka. We will use this as soon as possible probally on shoes and possibly another school in galle which has no water in there toilets.

We firmly believe that educaton is the best way to help. It is with this in mind if someone wants us to help we will where we can but need something in return and that is simply anyone we help must attend school. We also insist that any individuals we help learn to speak english as this is so important to secure a better chance of a more succesful future. Many thanks once again to our supporters who have helped us to help others.

It is no exaggeration to say that many of the children we helped would have dreamed of owning a pair of shoes and we have together made many of these deams come true.

Thanks also to St Helens Infant School and Glantaff school and Barclays Bank Holton Road.