Samina is the young girl who lives in the house we had built with your support at the end of 2005. She is now 8 years old and lives with her grandparents in the house.

We visit Samina many times while in Sri Lanka and she is looking really well.

She is now in full time school and we have made sure that she has the necessary uniforms / shoes etc.

It was fantastic to see her again, although a little shy to begin with, she soon came out of her shell and really enjoyed becoming the centre of attraction. she loves to sing and dance for us.

One of the highlights of our trips is seeing her and all the children in the village.

On our 2008 trip we took Samina and her friends to the local Rotti Restaurant and it was by far the most exciting event in their lives….especially when the balloons came out!!

In 2009 we arranged for samina to have an additional english lesson every week which started in november. Her english has improved greatly over this small period of time and she has even learnt some new songs!!!

2010 has seen the HAT Foundation supply running water into saminas house for the first time EVER!!! To say that samina and her grandparents are happy about this is something of an understatement!! The thanks and gratitude we recieved was immense for a family with very little.

Again, samina and her friends put on their best clothes to join us for dinner at the local home grown restaurant. the children danced and sung throughout the evening, providing the entertainment for all the other guests in the restaurant also! The kids as usual went home with the biggest smiles on their faces!!!