Miss Nishamani Tharukshi

Nishamini (centre) with her mother and grandmotherI went to visit this family to give the two children shoes. I always call late on in the day when no one is expecting me to check how they live and if they are really poor.

The mother works as a cleaner and spends approx one sixth of her income paying for extra education lessons for her daughter Nishamini who wants to be a teacher. Nishamini is a very pleasant and bright young girl and appreciates the importance of gaining a good education in order to live a better life.

The family are immensely poor and it is sad when you look at her daily food shopping which is so small it really makes you think life is so very unfair.

Grandmother and daughter sleep in the only bed while the mother and son sleep on the floor in the living room.

I purchased food and shoes and a mattress for the family and arranged to help pay for the childs education which will give the mother more money to spend on food.

Nishamini is now being supported monthly by a family through the Hat Foundation to help with her education. Nishamini writes a fantastic letter every month to the family supporting her.

Since returning to the UK this year we have arranged for Nishamini and her family to have running water installed into their home. This has been actioned and is now up and running….Nishamini and family has running water for the 1st time in their lives.